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  • Bwt Commoditie

    Trading company Commodities Sugar Iron oreSoybeanCottonKorn Export to whole world Please contact us to know more about

    Telephone:5561 - 8120 - 9990*****Address:SQN 405 BL. J 301 BRAS?IA, DF

  • Itbc

    ITBC - INTERNATIONAL TRADE BRAZIL CHINA Is a trade company provide located in China, where provide services for Chinese costumer in the agriculture products. The company is owed by Brazilians.  

    Telephone:55 - 86 - 15140487702Address:No. 217 Jianshan Street dalian , liaoning

  • Rtp Industria

    We are RTP QUíMICA COMéRCIO E INDúSTRIA LTDA, located in S?o Paulo-SP/Brazil. manufacturers of fertilizers and animal nutrition. Because our approach/operations we have direct access to grain producers the major regions Brazil.We now satisfaction introduce company international ...

    Telephone:55 - 115525 - 0285Address:Avenida das Nacoes Unidas, 18.801 Sao Paulo, SP

  • Elox Trade Comercial Imp Exp Ltda

    Elox Trade is a Brazilian company who fosters international trade across the globe.Our main markets are the Canadian, USA, Asia and Europe markets.

    Telephone:55 - 12 - 332*****Address:Rua Armando de Oliveira Cobra, 50 Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo

  • BM3 Trading

    Dear, following our presentation The BM3 Group arises in order to solve the various challenges of world trade. company operates import business, export, distribution and marketing products, offering complete solutions for Brazil foreign companies. organization has expertise sugar ...

    Telephone:55 - 48 - 96460226Address:Av. Levi Ramos Martins, S/N (paralelo a Rod. BR 101, Km 279) Imbituba, Santa Catarina

  • MW Comércio E Servi?o

    We are a firm that intermediate the negotiation of producers soy complex to export their production. Product Summary: Origin: Brazil Load ability per 40 container: 25-27MT Minimum Order Quantity: 1x40' container Shipment Capacity: 1000 MT month Packing Available: Bulk in / liner 100 50 ...

    Telephone:55 - 3499152 - 5300Address:Manoel Ascen?o Batista, 839 Uberlandia, Minas Gerai

  • Import Parts BR Trading

    We have coffee 100% Arabic, Yellow Corn for Animal Feed, Soy, Soybean Meal, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Sugar IC45 from Brazil

    Telephone:55 - 1198012 - 9709Address:Estrada S?o Francisco, 2008 Tabo?o da Serra, S?o Paulo

  • InovaComex Impor Export Ltd.

    The proposal Inovacomex is to provide synergy our partners. While your company performs its best ; we take care of internationalize it adding foreign trade solutions with a focus on quality and efficiency.Operating since 2007; We have experience detailed knowledge the entire import export ...

    Telephone:55 - 35 - 34714498Address:Rua Celso Henrique Borsato,549 Santa Rita do Sapucai, Minas Gerai

  • Bimar Import Export Ltda

    Import and Export - International Business Consultant Commercial Advisor - International Finance - Financial Investment Financial Credit - Soft Commodities - CommoditiesBio Power Plant - Various Business Opportunity

    Telephone:55 - 71 - 9926*****Address:Rua Romano Galeffi 47 Salvador, Bahia

  • Enzalfa Trading Company

    I have several years working on Foreign Trade, know many producers in Brazil that are interested dealing outside our country, thinking demand, Im initialyzing Enzalfa Trading Company, my goal is to help country with the accounts. To finally work for myself and try get buyers together.All ...

    Telephone:55 - 13 - 996074412Address:Rua Visconde De Faria. 52 Santos, Sao Paulo

  • Triangle Trading LLc

    We are one trading with office in Brazil and the United States. We sell sugar, corn, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil and chicken. Our difference is that we sell products direct from the producer.

    Telephone:55 - 19 - 981382075Address:Santa Cruz Campinas, SP

  • Best Foodsbest Ltd

    We are mainly engaged in producing frozen foods ,dry foods, brine from Brazil. Our Enterprise Culture is Honesty, Cooperation, Innovation, Development, Multi profit! Mission to provide our customers with best choice of health, green highest quality, most competitive price, outstanding ...

    Telephone:5511 - 9499 - 30175Address:Av. Paulista 1098, 1 andar,apto. 101 Bela Vista Sao Paulo-SP Brasil 01310-000 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Hugo Food Ltda

    Our company is base in Brazil it is an agricultural company because we cultivate and process our products before distributing it in the rest parts of the world.

    Telephone:5511 - 983423 - 541Address:Av. das Naes Unidas, 14171 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Jose Food Ltda

    Jose Food Ltda is a trading company base in Brazil which is specialized in the cultivation , processing and distribution of agricultural products in all parts of the world.

    Telephone:5511 - 983423 - 541Address:Av. Roberto Gordon, 138 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Reconi Brasil Ltd.

    Reconi Brasil is a Brazillian company that develop business for all world in various sectors, like Foods, Energy, Metals, and ohter commodities. We work with partnerships Brazil (Like Factories, Food Producers Trading Companies) to provide the Best Products our costumers. also chinese ...

    Telephone:55 - 5599640 - 0359Address:Rua Germano Mayer,338 Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul

  • Seara Food Ltda

    Seara Food Ltda is a food processing company base in Brazil specialized in the production of frozen products and other agricultural product

    Telephone:5511 - 983423 - 541Address:Conjunto 41, Avenida Paulista, 2300 - Bela Vista, So Paulo - SP, 01310-300  Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Shipfrombrazil

    Shipfrombrazil.com is a registered exporting company located in Rio de Janiero Brazil. We specialize asssiting our clients importing Brazilian Products.Our Main Product Lines are as follows:Arabica Green CoffeeRoasted CoffeeSoya BeansSoyamealYellow cornYellow CornmealBrazilian ...

    Telephone:55 - 21 - 975913559Address:29 Largo do Machado Office 1024 Rio de Janiero, Rio De Janiero

  • GranCafé

    Dear Mr (Ms),We at GranCaf (www.grancafeexport.com.br) want to introduce you our cocoa beans from a farm Linhares, Esprito Santo, and Par, in Brazil. Our company is known for its high quality coffee. We sell traditional Linhares organic Par.Our qualified as gourmet, top of the market. In ...

    Telephone:55 - 1197549 - 9795Address:Av. Prefeito Samuel Batista Cruz, N 8481, Bairro Nova Betnia - Linhares-ES Linhares, Esprito Santo

  • Jd Trading LLC

    Our Company produces and sells Brazilian Agricultural CommoditiesWe sell: SUGAR IC45 AND VHP 600 -1200; SOYBEAN MEAL; CORN YELLOW WHITE ;SOYBEAN OIL;SUNFLOWER OIL; WHEAT FLOUR CHICKEN PARTS. Any time send to us your ICPO or LOI with Banking Information+ BCL + COPY OF PASSPORT, for a quick ...

    Telephone:55 - 21 - 965792752Address:4919N Royal Atlanta, Dr. Tucker, Ga Dr. Tucker, Georgia

  • Fiuza & Boaventura Ltda E

    Magno & Ragnaroc Ltda is one of the most reliable Exporters and Suppliers Soybean, degummed soybean oil, refined oil meal.The company driven by a vision to give good quality products clients we are able supply 800000MT soybean, 600000MT meal 50000 per month with unmatched at reasonable prices. ...

    Telephone:55 - 44 - 999939847Address:Av. Londrina 1112, Sarandi - Brazil Sarandi, Parana

  • Nt Brasil Ltda

    Telephone:55 - 35 - 997294241Address:Rua Maua 234 Curitiba, Parana

  • Golden Oak International Commerce S/A

    Golden Oak International Commerce – S/A was founded in 1986. The main office is based London. company aim to ease and enable complex commercial transactions with big Players from the market, we will our clients a quick cheap brother variety of supply chain.Our logistic structure producers ...

    Telephone:55 - 16 - 996344442Address:oswaldo martin cruz 378/376 jaboticabal, sao paulo

  • CommodityBR

    Our mission is connect importers from all over the world, directly with rural farmers Brazil.With more than 10,000 cataloged (small and large), our goal to enable SPOT export of small quantities any commodity needed. (From 1 container 40')Do you need help quantities? ...

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 41013063Address:Street Mariano Torres Curitiba, PR

  • Dutra Deal

    Contact us to quote any of products below. We have the best solution and experience.Sugar (Brazil origin)Rice;Beans;Oils in general;Best regards.Dutra Deal

    Telephone:55 - 21 - 976666662Address:Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

  • Kloof Commerce

    We will assist you in finding a Brazilian supplier for food grains, such as kidney and black beans, rice and soybeans.

    Telephone:55 - 61 - 996384800Address:SAO PAULO Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

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